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Greek Fest is Coming to Town!

Greek Fest is coming to town in 2024!

We are bringing you the best of Greek Music and Culture. Are you ready?

GreekFest was born when we collaborated our visions to create and host a family orientated festival for the large Greek and Greek Cypriot community in the UK. 

On this historical day we want to bring togetherness, a sense of belonging, stories, remembrance and nostalgia. An event inspired by our customs and traditions of Greece and Cyprus. An acknowledgment of our heritage, history, legacy, culture; infusing modern and traditional influences in the form of music, dance and cuisine which have unapologetically enriched us. 

As second generation Greek Cypriots we hope that we do not become a diluted and faded community. We will showcase our roots and humble beginnings, we hope to create memories which will keep our history and culture alive for generations to come. 

We will acknowledge the significance of this historical day with respect, honour, and the love that it deserves.

Our unity as Greeks and Greek Cypriots means we stand as one in hope, strength and courage.

We also want to share our music, food and culture with the rest of the Globe and we are doing this by bringing the best of the best from Greece, Cyprus and the UK>


We can't wait to see you! OPA!


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